Environmental Protection

Crop improvement and protection of biodiversity through drones

SYMBIOTIS brings you the analysis tools you need to optimize the management of the environment on your sites, infrastructures and installations. Whether to achieve :

  • An initial state, upstream of your projects
  • A follow-up of your installation and construction project
  • An evaluation of a site dismantling and a restoration to the natural state
  • An aerial diagnosis in the event of a crisis, in order to facilitate decision-making in the context of a so-called natural disaster

Aerial cover of your porjects

We carry out any aerial cover of your projects :

  • General topography and thematic maps
  • Erosion survey map – Invasive species map – Damaged channel map – Coastline map – Diagnosis after havoc in fields and orchards.
  • Counting of wild and domestic animals – assessment of plant biomass – study in the marine environment of the mixing zone for hot / cold waters plume, etc …

Rapid diagnostics

In a crisis, we can provide you quick diagnosis – to support emergency making process for On Scene commander or Crisis Management Cell – with coordination of the fire brigade and the Civil Défense.

Visible and infra-red visualization of the scene of a natural or industrial disaster, in order to make a first diagnosis, locate the victims, locate and size pollution, prioritize the actions of the relief.

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