Contest : We had organized a contest during the salon with the key : a drone to win. Our happy winner is MISTER ALEXANDRE BARRE

A show in the continuity of the “Paris Agreements” and the COP23

Whilst most of the world’s leaders and climate experts, gathered in Paris for the year+ 2 COP 21 (so called accord de Paris ) met in Boulogne Billancourt near Paris. This was exactly two weeks after the COP23 summit in Bonn. Following those two crucial meeting of parties, a major conference was organised at the same time – to present the annual WORLD EFFICIENCY SUMMIT as part of the World Efficiency Solutions.

This was at Paris – Porte de Versailles located halfway between Boulogne and the centre of Paris. The objective was to facilitate the visitors that could from national delegation attending the COP 21 + 2.

The main objective for World Efficiency – exhibition and conference – was to bring communities, districts, cities, SME’s and large corporations representatives a global platform to present proven solutions for a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy “to inspire and progress our steps towards a resource-efficient future.”– Stéphanie Gay-Torrente, Show Director, World Efficiency Solutions.

New emerging solutions for the environment

Through almost hundred conferences and panel presentations, plus several visits and discussions in and around booths and stalls, the emerging feeling among participants was that at this point, there is a common uprising and visible uprising of low carbon solutions.

“Issues arising from climate change and resource scarcity have risen to the top of the global agenda; not just for national governments, but for cities, businesses and consumers too” Jens Nielsen, CEO, World Climate Ltd.

As a matter of fact, the results came straight to this evidence: things are moving promptly ahead. And to us, as SYMBIOTIS, we humbly but fiercely participate to this frank success during this fair.

At the whole, this event was rather a big success in term of visitors – more than 2000. And we share a part of this success, as SYMBIOTIS has the chance to receive more than 120 hundred qualified visitors, with 86 contacts and business card exchanged and at least a dozen of projects which were discussed on place and will be followed up shortly.

A return on our experience as an exhibitor

Thank you to Marie Evelyne, Miguel and Valy – part of our team – who welcomed warmly our visitors and some passer-by’s who were leaving the main conference hall.

The emerging principle that we fell during exchange with visitors is that solution by aerial investigation by drone, satellites and other monitors based on the ground can literally bring a powerful decision-making process to entrepreneurs and leaders who must select the most efficient and optimised carbon low solution, through the full life cycle: construction, operating or development, demolition and scraping until site restauration.

SYMBIOTIS developed recently tools to support decision making process and help to prioritize the best ROI (return on Investment) actions. This is right now valid for our present proposal dedicated building thermography, industrial inspection, leak detection, environmental conservation and precision farming.

Thank you, dear visitors, for your patience-frequently, your interest -quite often and your enthusiasm- all the time😉

Happy Christmas and best greetings for 2018; and looking forward to speaking with you again shortly.