Energy audit and aerial thermography

Energy audit / diagnosis and aerial reconnaissance by drone

We carry out regulatory audits EN 16 247 – 1 with a drone thermography. Infrared pictures are used as a decision support tool to define or prioritize energy renovation work.

Our thermographic inspections are cost-effective and efficient solutions to complete energy audits, provide quality data for diagnostic missions or technical inspections of buildings.

Whether you are a thermician, an architect or design office, a project manager, a roofing contractor, a property manager or a local authority, our drone solution offers many technical advantages over terrestrial solutions.

Aerial thermography by drone

With aerial thermography by drone, added to energy audit, you will be able to identify the various defects that includes :

  • Settlement, delamination or absence of the insulation coating,
  • Presence of cracks, leaks or infiltrations,
  • Aging of certain elements of the building that could be hidden from observer on the ground.

Photo reports for audits & amp; accurate diagnoses

Thanks to the photo report of the visible combined with the infrared, you will be able to verify the sources of energy loss in a building and therefore prioritize the work to be done to reduce energy consumption.

This will make possible to :

  • The control of the insulation of the walls,
  • The identification of the various thermal bridges,
  • The detection of woodwork defects,
  • Leakage control of fluid networks (heating, ventilation and air conditioning),
  • Detection of breaks in hot water pipes,
  • The identification of water infiltration in a building.

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